Absolution Solution™

The perfect gift idea for your Trump voting friend!

(or, your progressive friend with a good sense of humor!)

It’s perfectly designed to remove embarrassing proclamations on automotive bumper stickers; such as:

trump bumper sticker

for now one’s trespasses can be absolved.

Washing away sins is a snap! Get your own Absolution Solution Kit!

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Perhaps, you or someone you love has finally had a “come to Jesus” meeting — an epiphany.
Glory Hallelujah!

Trump sticker removal cartoon

In REVELATIONS 11:8:16, it was perfectly stated that an Orange Man who speaks ill of his competitors, the poor, handicapped, women, other races, creeds, and sexual orientation different from himself, shall not be a fine and moral leader for his country. He who denies climate change, all while filling the swamp with the dregs of society, shall only lead others into temptation and put a stain upon God’s beautiful earth.

He is a man who most assuredly has broken nine of the ten commandments in his lifetime and whose sanity is questioned daily.

This was shouted plainly, vehemently, and willingly from the mountaintops (NOT PAID FOR!), yet some ignored the Truth and followed a small man with a small mind and the tiniest of hands.

“Does anyone really believe that a guy who’s spent his 70 years on this Earth showing no regard for working people is suddenly going to be your champion? Your voice?” — Barack Obama

And, perhaps, you or someone you love is one of those followers of the Orange Man and is now experiencing an awakening, only to realize embarrassing proclamations are stubbornly adhered, revealing pure ignorance and a gravely wrongful act for all the world to see!

Humility and Repentance are a start.

But, Absolution Solution™ is the saving grace from eternal damnation!

Using Absolution Solution™ cannot guarantee forgiveness of the sin of ignorance and unconsciousness (the very least of one’s sins). But, with humility, and on a wing and a prayer, it can quite possibly be found…

In ACTS 11:8:16, lest you be forewarned, stupid acts can be erased and forgiven, yet not forgotten entirely by those around you. After all, one’s passionate election of “Prima Donald” lead to the destruction of American Democracy, and has been proclaimed a mortal sin by both Church and State. Alternative fact? Who knows?!

So, apply Absolution Solution™ LIBERALLY to the area(s) where adherence to sticky beliefs is especially troublesome. For best results, and good measure for the feminists, recite “The Hail Mary” three times.

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You know what J.C. would do… With compassion in your heart, gift that special someone when the “cognitive dissonance” clears… when the shame creeps in… when s/he finally awakens! When s/he absolutely can no longer believe 45 is in any way “Christian” or created in the likeness of J.C…

+  Your uncle who denies he’s racist, but FINALLY realizes there really wasn’t a bunch of “illegals” who voted in the presidential election.

Or, when…
+ Your “Christian” neighbor who once believed the Muslims down the street were terrorists FINALLY awakens to the fact that they are just regular Americans after all.

Or, when…
+ Your sister finally understands that Trump’s words of assault aren’t just meaningless. He really does hate women!

Or, when…
+ Your old high school classmate who chastised you each time you pointed out via Facebook all of 45’s Russian connections, finally gives in and can’t deny it anymore.

Hate the sin, not the sinner!

*Special Note: This solution may not be as effective on bumper stickers specifically applied with Hate, Racism, Misogyny, and/or Intolerance and by members of the KKK.

As your “brother’s keeper,” enjoy bestowing your remorseful Trump voter friend, steeped in Trump regrets (“Trumpgrets”) and Trump buyer’s remorse with this perfect Trump Gag Gift!

Frankly, your progressive friends would love the laugh and certainly need to find humor somewhere!

*Blessed are the meek and generous for 15% of your purchase will be donated to the ACLU,  Planned Parenthood (in Mike Pence’s name), or Common Cause.

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